Welcome to the brand new Table Tyrant Games! Brisbane’s like.. thirtieth board game studio (what? we’re in a modern nerd renaissance).  I’m not going to go into too much detail on who we are just yet, we’re saving that for our next few posts. Instead, why don’t you just sit back and see what we have planned.

2015 – The Year of Tavern Fame

This year, we will be putting the final touches on Tavern Fame and sending it live on KickStarter around June/July. This is a fantastic game press-your-luck dice game where everyone takes on the roles of legendary fantasy characters as you boast of your adventures to your fellow heroes. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page because the Print & Play version will be live soon.

2016 – Cultivating the Momentum

With Tavern Fame printing and delivering by the end of 2015, we will have our networks set up to start pushing out more and more games. Early in 2016, we will be going live with Star Charter, a tile-placement and area-control game set in space and at the end of the year, we hope to send the KickStarter for Arena: Warriors of the Sands live. Between that, we will be launching the first of our flagship games, the co-operative action combat game – Tyranny – with its base set,  The Dragon’s Lair.

Our intention is to work through new properties as well as expansions for both Tyranny and Arena through 2017 but what the future holds, we won’t know until we greet it with open arms and ready dice arms.

We can’t wait to get these games out there. Everything but Star Charter are currently going through playtesting so if you’re keen to have a go of them (and be one of our guinea pigs 😛 ) join us at Board Games & Burgers in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley Grill’d. You can see when the next BG&G date is by going to boardgamesandburgers.com. Alternatively, like the Facebook Page to be kept up to date with everything happening 🙂

Until next time,