Our first round of prototype prints have been handed over and we are so excited! It’s truly amazing when you see what you’ve been working on for months finally in a physical format. A big shout out needs to go out to Minuteman Press Darra. Duncan there has been amazingly helpful in getting our prototypes ready to send out for review and if you’re making a game yourself, you should definitely hit them up for your prototype prints.

IMG_0223 IMG_0222 IMG_0224


Printing the game has also opened up our eyes to some refinements that can be made to the game to improve it and trim the fat

  • We’re removing the location text. When the game was originally built, there were plans to tie character abilities to location but as we moved towards enemy-focused powers, where you killed the monsters became a little redundant.
  • With the removal of the location text, we’re now referring to the Location cards as Enemy cards and changing all references of location to enemy in the rules and on the cards
  • The Bluff+3 rule is gone. No more will you get a bonus if you roll 3 or more kills than your bluff. During play testing, we found this rarely fired off so instead, it has been replaced with a Perfect Bluff rule. Now you get a bonus if you roll exactly the same as your bluff, meaning the likelihood of this bonus being applied is much higher during the game, and players who want to use this power now don’t have to keep their bluffs low.
  • Dark art doesn’t print well. We’re working with the printers to lighten the cards and change a few character backgrounds to lighter variants. This will increase the final quality of the product.
  • And finally, Aaron is working on a few variant rules that we’ll be play testing over the next week or so.

We’ve also decided to include the expansion we’ve been working on, ‘Nother Round, with the base game. I’ll go into depth on each character and location in an upcoming post but that means we have doubled the characters to 10 and the locations to 20, doubling the options available to you when you play.

Keep an eye out here on the site and on our Facebook Page because we’ll be building a print and play version of the base game (5 characters; 10 locations) and releasing it soon for you to try out before the project goes live in June.

Happy gaming 🙂

PS – Don’t forget: you can catch us at Board Games & Burgers here in Brisbane every fortnight to have a game of Tavern Fame or some of the other super secret projects we’re working on 😉