Jonatan has finished all of the art and Mel over in the states has finished the card layout. Our prototype parts are on their way from The Game Crafter and we’re working with a local printer to get some review copies made up. We have signed and paid for our placements at Supanova and OzComicCon in June and we showcased the game at The Loot Room with a fantastic response. I don’t think a single person disliked their experience with Tavern Fame.

Everything has been chugging along smoothly the last few weeks. Aaron & I going to be down at Gold Coast Supanova this weekend as part of the Vault Games tabletop zone so make sure you hit us up for a game while we’re there.

Now feast your eyes on some sexy completed Tavern Fame cards.

Enjoy 🙂

Guards Lair WarriorForest_Bears Barrows