Yep. That’s pretty much running through our heads for the next 5 days πŸ™‚

But seriously, this is going to be a long post so grab a Coke and enjoy all the goodies that we have to tell you.

Modifications to the Project Goal

So Aaron and I went over the finances last week and with the fluctuating dollar, shipping costs and Kickstarter’s fees, we had to adjust the final goal amount. We originally said this was going to be $8000 but we have to adjust it to $9600.Β 

While it is essentially a 20% increase on the original goal, both Aaron and I are confident that we can reach it and by increasing the goal, we are minimising the risk to the project as now, the project will nor relyΒ on investment from us if there’s any issues that crop up.

The Box Art

I know we posted up the final box art the other day but after reviewing it further, particularly with some other artists and graphic designers, we’ve made a few changes.

Check it out.


Print Sampling is Under Way

Over the last week, I’ve been working with Alison, our contact at WinGo, to finalise the files for our print sampling. All that remains is an updated rulesheet build and then we can get the print samples made.

We’re doing this because we want to have the sampling process as complete as possible before the campaign ends. That way, when the campaign is over, and if we fund, we can hit GO on the final print, meaning the game will be in your hands as soon as possible πŸ™‚

The Convention Tour

In case you missed this post earlier, when we launch on Friday 19, we will also be making our way south to Sydney for the Supanova Pop Culture Expo. If you’re heading along, you can find us at booth A181 in the alley.


The week after that (Friday 26- Sunday 28) we’ll be in Melbourne for Melbourne Oz Comic Con. You will be able to find us near the gaming zone at stand 4630.


If you come along and see us, you may also end up getting one of these special convention prints. We have 10 different prints to choose from if you play the game at our stand and, if you back us on the spot, or if you are a backer and can show us your backer email, you can get your hands on one of four special, backer-only prints.

TavernFamePrints-Satyrs TavernFamePrints-Shaman

How can I find you at the conventions?

Good question invisible person. We’re going to be hard to miss courtesy of these suckers:


I’ve managed to rope my wife and a friend in to making us our very own hanging banners. Just look for Terry the T-Rex at the conventions and you’ll find us nearby πŸ™‚

Preview: Another Dungeon

Melbourne bloggers Another Dungeon posted their preview of Tavern Fame yesterday and they seemed to love it. I think we’ve won over some new fans. Dave, one of the editors emailed me to say:

I was wondering – were you aware just how much tavern fame sticks in your head? It’s become almost meme like between me and another staff member at AD recently. Each time someone says something boasty the other will usually reply with something like β€œoh? Well I was there when you apparently did that but I killed 7 vampires!”… and then the entire thread of the conversation is gone.:)

We are aware Dave. We are aware πŸ˜‰

Preview: Australian Tabletop Gaming Network

I only managed to sit down with Harry from the Australian Tabletop Gaming Network last Wednesday but holy crap this guy works fast. Their preview of Tavern Fame went live today and it seems like we did not disappoint.

It’s fun, quick and easy to play, and has the potential to be a real success.
I strongly encourage you to support TTG and Tavern Fame. Run, do not walk to do so.

It’s always great seeing people enjoying our game. It’s even better when we see people enjoying the game and telling others about it.

Shout-out on Dice Men Cometh

Now, we understand that not everyone will enjoy our games as much as we do and I think we missed the mark sending the Dice Men Cometh a copy of Tavern Fame. For a crowd that is used to more meatier games, I understand that Tavern Fame wasn’t their cup of tea. Not to worry though, some of our future games won’t be so casual. Thanks to the Dice Men Cometh for giving us a shout out on their radio show last week πŸ™‚

If you haven’t listened to them yet, I suggest you do. A funny group of guys talking crap about board games and listening to great music. They stream on EdgeRadioFM every Wednesday night from 7pm and their podcast is available on iTunes.

I think that’s everything covered so far. At the moment, I’m working on the videos we shot last week for the Kickstarter campaign so I’ll probably be a bit quiet on the social media until they’re done.

If you haven’t grabbed a copy of the print and play yet, you should. I’ll be taking it down on Tuesday and replacing it with an updated version for the Kickstarter. The only way to get it after then will be through the $1 reward tier.

If you have any questions, hit us up on the Facebook page.