It’s only two short weeks until Tavern Fame goes live on Kickstarter and we board our flights south to Supanova Sydney. It’s so close that I think Aaron spends most nights in the foetal position. He’ll be ok though. He just needs some sleep.

Anyway, onto clarifications for the Tavern Fame Print & Play rules. Thanks to everyone who submitted their feedback. The game’s been getting a fair bit of table time and we’ve found that the best way to answer everyone’s questions is with an example player turn. Everyone had simple clarification requests about the way play progressed and 9 times out of 10, their interpretation was the right one 🙂

So don’t worry if you get stuck; chances are, you’re playing it right when you wing it anyway 🙂

Example Game Round

  • John is the active player and gives everyone a drink from the drink pool.
  • John turns over the top enemy card and sees that it is says Wolves (with a health of 3) so he says “When I travelled to the forest yesterday, I killed 4 wolves”
  • Michael, the player to John’s left says “I believe you killed that many wolves”
  • Laura, the player to Michael’s left says “HA! But I killed 5 wolves!”
  • Michael laughs and says “No you didn’t” while putting his patron on the enemy card.
  • Laura places one of her patrons on the enemy card with Michael’s, then assembles the dice to prove she did kill 5 wolves.
  • Because Laura’s strength is 5, she gets 5 dice.
  • Also, because Laura is the Ranger, she gets an extra dice due to her enemy bonus.
  • Finally, Laura spends another 4 drinks to grab another 4 dice, bringing her total dice pool to 10.
  • Laura rolls the 10 dice, getting a 1,1,1,2,2,3,4,4,5,6, successfully killing 5 wolves.
  • Because Laura killed an amount of wolves equal to or greater than the number wolves she boasted, she gets her patron back, Michael’s patron and the 1 patron and 2 drinks the Wolves card gives her. Also, because she killed the same amount of wolves that she boasted, she gets her character’s Perfect Bluff bonus of 2 drinks.
  • The next round starts and because Laura won the last round, she is the active player.

So that’s an example game round. Hopefully that clears up the questions you all had. If you still need a clarification, contact us here on the site or hit us up on the Facebook page.

Also, if you want to get your hands on a special preview edition of the game, which includes the stretch goal The More The Merrier character expansion, all you have to do is get a photo of you playing the game and upload it here.  Entries close on Friday June 12, 2015 and the winner will have their copy in the mail the following Monday so get snapping!

Don’t forget if you want to give the game a rating after playing the print & play, hit up the Tavern Fame game entry on Board Game Geek.