We’ve been asked a lot about what we’re doing for the game if we meet our $8000 goal.

So without further ado, here are Tavern Fame’s planned Kickstarter stretch goals (keep in mind that these are subject to change).

$10,000 – ‘The More, the Merrier’ Expansion

We’re introducing 10 brand-new, full art characters that will now compete for locations instead of having their own. Think you’re the only one that can take on trolls? Not while the Barbarian is at the table with you. Add these characters to the game to increase the character possibility.

We’re also throwing in extra drink and patron tokens so you can play the game with up to 8 people.

$12,000 – Linen Card Finish

We’re not content with just leaving the card finish as just a glossy. At this stretch level, we’re going to change the card finish to the super gorgeous linen finish.If you want to see an example of a linen card finish, grab out a copy of Lords of Waterdeep or pretty much any board game from Fantasy Flight Games.

$14,000 – Variant Rulesets

As a final add-on, we’re going to throw a few different game rules into the box. This includes a speed version of the game and possibly a drinking variant for the adults.


Now, obviously there’s gonna be a few questions about the stretch goals so I’ll try to answer a few of them now:

Why do you only have three stretch goals?

Understandable question. Some Kickstarter projects have lots of stretch goals that seem to be reached every 20 minutes. But we’re not those projects. Tavern Fame is our first project and we don’t want to overload our deliverables when we’re still working on our printing and fulfillment processes. We’re new to the publishing game and the last thing we want to do skimp on the product, or our deadlines. Our number one goal is to have the game in your hands 🙂

What if you make like $50,000 for Tavern Fame?

Then we make $50,000. We understand that this is a highly unlikely scenario but one that I read about and get asked about frequently. Any extra money we get from any of our campaigns go directly into delivering the product first and foremost. After that, the left over funds will be used to promote and refine our next Kickstarter project.

Why is the easiest stretch goal your most expensive?

We want to focus on getting the game’s components to the quality that we want them at before we start adding in more game elements. Because more game elements means more play testing and we’d rather have the game looking the best we can before we go rolling the dice with variants

If you have any more questions, or if you want to give the game a rating after playing the print & play, hit up the Tavern Fame game entry on Board Game Geek. Ask your question on the forums and myself or Aaron will be there to answer.