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Introducing: Gilmead Jewellers

Welcome back to the introduction series! We’ve been caught up getting production quotes and planning our next moves for Smiths that I ran out of time last month. There is a good side to this though. Firstly, Smiths of Winterforge is now live on BoardGameGeek. Make sure you jump over there when you get a..

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Introducing: The Battleforgers

It’s time to introduce the next guild for our upcoming game Smiths of Winterforge. Today’s guild is the ever-resilient Battleforgers. Some call the Battleforgers “the hardest dwarves to grace the lands of Aulera”, others just think they’re crazy, either way, the Battleforgers are there to get the job done. As the name suggests, the Battleforgers..

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Introducing: The Red Cloaks

The art for Smiths of Winterforge has been… well, forging ahead. Jamie has been turning out some great pieces and we’re gonna take the time and release it bit by bit as we move towards our projects project date of mid-2016. So let’s start this little introduction series by showcasing the first of the mighty..

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