It looks like we’ve been a while away from the blog here. Sorry about that. What a wild ride the last 6 months have been. Let’s run through a quick timeline to catch up…

September – Teamed up with our friends Rule & Make

October – Launched Smiths of Winterforge 1.0 on Kickstarter

November – Pulled down the Smiths of Winterforge 1.0 Kickstarter to make changes suggested from new industry contacts

November – Visited PAX Aus

December – Started playtesting new changes and working on Smith of Winterforge’s upgraded ruleset

January – Worked with Rule & Make and Ian O’Toole to upgrade the game’s UI and look/feel

February – Furious playtesting continues to finalise the upgraded ruleset

March – Finalised UI and layout work

End of March – Launched Smiths of Winterforge 2.0

24 Hours later – Funding goal met

29 days later (yesterday) – Campaign finishes

What was the end result?

The campaign finished with a total funding amount of $87,787. That’s 462% of the funding goal amount! We did think that Smiths of Winterforge was going to be successful but wow it’s totally blown us away. But, enough patting ourselves on the back. We have work to do!

What next?

Everything! But seriously. There’s a lot of work ahead of us. If you’ve seen the campaign page, you’ll see that we’ve cracked every stretch goal in the campaign. So, here’s we stand on what to do next before the game hits fulfilment:

  • 2.0 Rulebook locked down and open for translation
  • Art for Expansion Boards & Cards
  • Final prototypes of KS-Exclusive Metal Coins & coin bag
  • Art for Limited Edition Art Sleeve
  • Final testing and rule lockdown for Solo Variant
  • Final testing and rule lockdown for Six-Player Variant
  • Art and final layout for Player Aids
  • Final prototype for First Player Marker
  • Finalise manufacturing numbers
  • White box prototype
  • Print prototype
  • Mass Production

So we definitely have a lot of work on our plate.

How can I stay up to date?

If you want to stay up to date with everything Smiths of Winterforge, we’ll be posting weekly updates every Sunday night on Kickstarter so keep an eye out there or on our Facebook Page to stay updated.

Here on the blog, however, we’ll be making sure you stay up to date with everything TTG. What new games we are working on, what events we’re going to, and who’s joining the team so just keep on coming back.