That’s right folks. We’ve told you about it before but now it’s official! Our brand new game, Smiths of Winterforge, is now in playtesting. We’re on to our 9th full revision of the game and things are a lot smoother than where they started out. We’re basically fiddling with a few things here and there now but our focus is more on mass playtesting and game balance of the different crafting values.


If you find us around Brisbane, hit us up for a playtest and we’ll show you the game 🙂

And this time, it wasn’t just Aaron and myself. My lovely wife Jennah has joined us to design Smiths of Winterforge and her insight into Euro-style playing has helped this game phenomenally.

But that’s not all that’s moving forward. We have managed to secure the amazing Jamie Noble Frier for our art. Check this box cover out!


Amazing right?! Head on over to Jamie’s Facebook Page and show him some love. This game is going to look amazing.

If you want to read more about how Smiths of Winterforge, head on over to the game’s page. It will give you a quick run down on how the game works and if you’re looking for a print-and-play version of the game, you’re gonna have to wait sorry. Once we get these tweaks ironed out, we’ll look at publishing a basic version for you to try out 🙂

In the mean time, as we get more art through, I’ll be publishing up some of the backstory for the game, showing off more art and keeping you up to date with all the going-ons at Table Tyrant Games.

Until next time,