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Tavern Fame, the game of strong ale and tall tales. Compete with your fellow heroes to drink, bluff and slay your way into the hearts and minds of the patrons around you.


The characters and enemies of Tavern Fame


In Tavern Fame, players take control of a fantasy character, sitting around the local tavern, boasting about how many enemies they have killed on their adventures.

Each turn, a player can either:

  • Increase the boast with a higher boast of your own
  • Believe the current boast.

Don’t boast too high though, because at any time, another player can call your bluff, forcing you to prove your story by rolling the dice and risking one of your patrons.

If you succeed though, you get one of their patrons, as well as the bonuses on the enemy card.

If there’s ever a dispute during the game, or you are about to lose your last patron, you have to arm wrestle.

The first player to 10 patrons, wins.


When it comes to new game “Tavern Fame” by Brisbane based devs Table Tyrant Games, we think this game looks great. It’s got sweet artwork, pick up and play rules and overall looks a lot of fun.

The GMs – Gamepalooza

I wonder if Table Tyrant are aware just how much Tavern Fame sticks in your head! It’s become so ingrained it’s used in an almost meme like fashion during office conversation. Each time someone says something boasty one of us will usually respond with something like “oh? Well I was there when you apparently did that but I killed 7 vampires!”… after which the entire conversation is officially derailed and productivity drops!

Dave Haldane – AnotherDungeon.com

It’s fun, quick and easy to play, and has the potential to be a real success. I strongly encourage you to support TTG and Tavern Fame. Run, do not walk to do so.

Harry Reed – Australian Tabletop Gaming Network


It’s a good filler game with enough bite and strategy to it that makes it a little more interesting than the typical card game you would use to kill time between games. 

Nick Meenachan – Board Game Brawl


This is the type of game that makes all my players get in the mood to get together and send their adventure off into whatever dungeon of doom I’ve created for them and it’s a great way to start off the evening.

Lance – UndeadViking


Designed by
Aaron Sparke & Dylan Shearer

Art by
Jonatan Cantero

Card Design & Layout by
Melissa Pennock

The people who brought Tavern Fame to life

Thank you to all of you

A Greenway  A. L. Miller  Aaron Chen  Aaron Lim  Aaron Peters  Aaron Shaefer  Aaron Williams  Abi Smith  Adele Bube  Adrian Howden  Adrian Ward  Aleksey Saponov aka Ludofan  Alex Barton  Alex Cousemacker  Alex Klatte  Alexander Buus  AlexanderBecker  Alexei Menardo  Alexis Maille  Alfredas Buiko  Allen Chang  Alystra Sinclair  Amari  Andy ‘Stabbers’ Stabellini  Andy & Sean.  Angi Bissell  Anthony Condos  Anthony Loring  Anthony mcmaster  Antonio Araya  ASaP  Ash & Kym Trindall  Ashleigh summers  Ashley  AtomicFenix Borja Palacios  Bailey & Ethan Steele  Barbara A.-B. 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