The art for Smiths of Winterforge has been… well, forging ahead. Jamie has been turning out some great pieces and we’re gonna take the time and release it bit by bit as we move towards our projects project date of mid-2016.

So let’s start this little introduction series by showcasing the first of the mighty guilds of Winterforge, The Red Cloaks.

The Red Cloaks aren’t just a guild of black smiths. To them, forging is their calling and it’s rare for a Red Cloak to leave their service to the guild. That’s not to say that they haven’t had their bad eggs, though anyone is yet to prove the tales of Loc Littlebronze and the stolen plans of the royal crown.

Led by the mighty Baelor Broadiron (pictured below), The Red Cloaks have found themselves in the favour of the royal court before, previously holding the royal contract that has now since finished its term.

The guild’s true name is Thomborne, meaning “Children of Thommag”, the Dwarven god of forge and sword, but the immense pride they hold for their guild has caused those around them to colloquially call them “The Red Cloaks” after the cloak they wear to signify their acceptance within the guild. They are so proud to wear this cloak, that many of them thread parts of their hair and beard through it, showing to the public, and other members of the guild, that are one with the Thomborne.

Red Cloak

The Red Cloak guildmaster, Baelor Broadiron, looking dapper in his red… cloak.

Aaron and I hope you enjoyed this little peek into the background of Smiths of Winterforge and look out for the Print & Play. I’m working on it now 🙂