Hello Table Tyrant Fans!

Work has been progressing on Smiths of Winterforge. We’re close to finishing all of the art and, once that is done, we’ll start giving you some sneak peeks to the various cards and even the great-looking game board.

In the meantime, I’ve been working hard on the print-and-play and, after some blind playtesting yesterday, we’re almost ready to go. We’re just waiting on a final QA and it should be out very, very soon 🙂

Anyway, to keep things moving, let’s take a look at another playable guild, The Gilded Oak.

The Gilded Oak is simultaneously a church, and a blacksmith. The devoted faithful of Thommag gather to not only pray to their god, but imbue their god’s blessings in each and every thing they craft, ensuring only the best products are made in his name.While The Battleforgers prefer function over form, the same cannot be said about The Gilded Oak. Each item is intricately crafted as an item of complex beauty.

Gilda Goldenbraid leads The Gilded Oak in both prayer and forging, ensuring that her faithful followers know that their work is appreciated by their clients and their god.


Gilda Goldenbraid inspects the latest offering from her faithful.