It’s time to introduce the next guild for our upcoming game Smiths of Winterforge. Today’s guild is the ever-resilient Battleforgers.

Some call the Battleforgers “the hardest dwarves to grace the lands of Aulera”, others just think they’re crazy, either way, the Battleforgers are there to get the job done. As the name suggests, the Battleforgers are the guild of blacksmiths that you would find on a battlefield. They keep the weapons sharp, the shields strong and make sure no metal goes to waste, keeping the armies they work for well prepared for any battle. Many of the Battleforgers are former soldiers who are either past their fighting prime, or have suffered an injury that prevents them from fighting effectively anymore.

This group of hardened veterans and scarred warriors is led by Selah Stonemaul (pictured below), a Dwarf from the summer canyons in the south, who left her life in the capital cities of the humans to fight and forge for her brethren of Winterforge in the north. Not too many know of Selah’s past and those that do, would rather cut out their own tongue than tell anyone else, as Selah commands the utmost respect of her guild-brothers and sisters.

While their methods are crude, the Battleforgers make some of the strongest weapons in Winterforge and can be counted on when needed most. There’s a new saying around Winterforge… “Never underestimate a Battleforger.

Selah Stone looking as strong as ever.

Selah Stonemaul looking as strong as ever.