Welcome back to the introduction series! We’ve been caught up getting production quotes and planning our next moves for Smiths that I ran out of time last month. There is a good side to this though. Firstly, Smiths of Winterforge is now live on BoardGameGeek. Make sure you jump over there when you get a chance to show some love and become a fan. And secondly, I’ve been working to the bone to get this Print-and-Play together. The last thing left for me to do is the rule book, so keep your eyes open for the PNP some time this week 😉

Anyway, I digress. Today I’m going to introduce you to the only guild in Winterforge that’s named after a single dwarf, Gilmead Jewellers.

Gilmead Goldtooth has run this guild for over 500 years. He was there during the War of the Scales that saw the dragons try to take Winterforge from the Dwarves, and he was there when the Dwarves held them back. His desire to defend Winterforge wasn’t out of pride however. It was because of the vast veins of gold and gems that lay in the rock beneath the city. Because Gilmead Goldtooth only cares for one thing… profit.

And due to his focus on money, Gilmead Jewellers attract the most unscrupulous and immoral Dwarves in Winterforge that compete, sometimes aggressively, for promotion within the guild.

If you don’t make Gilmead money, then you’re not worth having around. So make sure you finish those contracts on time and under budget.

Gilmead Goldtooth inspecting a Ruby that's probably not up to his standards

Gilmead Goldtooth inspecting a Ruby that’s probably not up to his standards